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Wilfred Wong  and Co-defendants have been imprisoned for over 2 years now for trying to save a child from further Satanic Ritual Abuse. If you’d like to support this International Campaign, please contact us. We would encourage you to watch these videos if you want to see what Satanists are so keen to hide from public knowledge.
Write for Wilfred
The form letter as well as the addresses for the primary contacts is below. You can either download it directly or highlight and copy the text directly from this page.

Please remember to pray not only for Wilfred and his co-defendants, but also for those that are receiving these letters, and those assisting Wilfred behind the scenes.

Below is an excerpt from an interview that Wilfred did with Shaun Attwood. If you have not had the priviledge of meeting Wilfred, this short clip will give you an idea of his heart for the victims and why we keep asking for you to join us in prayer.
With excessive sentences handed out to Wilfred and his co-defendants, it is important to keep lifting them up in prayer and to consider sending a letter, especially if you have not yet done so.

The contacts for the form letters have been updated. It doesn't matter if you are a resident of the UK or some small town in the middle of nowhere America- let people know that Wilfred and his co-defendants are not forgotten. It takes just moments to send an email to the contacts provided.

"This is a partnership between people power and prayer power," organized by those that knew and worked with Wilfred.

For those wishing to participate, please remember the guidelines below:
a) Email should be used as opposed to hard-copy letters as many government departments are refusing to accept them due to fears over Covid-19,
b) Email should be polite but firm,
c) Supporters who send emails should include the full postal address in their emails, which helps to confirm the authenticity of their message. Those overseas should also give their full postal addresses, including the countries that they are based in,
d) The more people that you can get to send the emails, the better.
We support the
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